Watch the Right Movie and Get the Benefits

Watch the Right Movie and Get the Benefits

Movies can give you new knowledge or even improve your ability in foreign languages. Of course, this depends on the type of movie you watch.

You can only get these benefits if you watch the right movies. Therefore, pay attention to the type of movie you watch. In addition, pay attention to the duration of watching the movie you are doing. Do not let because it is too cool to watch, you even ignore other things.

If this happens, instead of solving the problem, your stress will actually increase because of the work that is increasingly piling up. Therefore, make sure you also pay attention to how and how long you watch the movie. Also, pay attention that you don’t over-watch the movie and disturb other activities.

You may feel tired of all the problems you face in life. However, do not let you be too protracted in this matter. There are many ways you can do to restore your spirits. One of them by watching a movie on Many people can get their spirits back even more robust in dealing with problems in their lives.

The Benefits of Watching Movies as a Hobby

Watching this movie is an activity full of entertainment to relieve stress. The hobby of watching a movie turns out not only to provide entertainment for you. Watching this movie turns out to have a myriad of benefits. By watching a movie, you can learn a lot of new things that you didn’t know before. In addition, here are some things you can get from watching a movie:

– Movies can increase your imagination. This imagination is very important. Because without imagination it is impossible for scientists to create many amazing things until the world becomes as modern as today.

– Most people would prefer to watch Hollywood movies, the majority of which speak English. By understanding each dialogue carefully, slowly you will get used to listening to a foreign language.

– We can know about culture from various countries that are displayed or become themes in a movie. Like the life patterns of a community in a city and a certain year, the style of dress, ways of speaking, and art that become the identity of a city/country can be learned through the movie.

Two Benefits Can Be Obtained From The Movie

In addition to entertaining watching movies can also add insight from us to know the meaning of the movie itself. many types of movies today such as comedy, romance, horror, and so on. Here are some benefits of watching a movie:

Improve our imagination

When we watch movies that are more fantasy genre, for example, avatars, it can increase our imagination, where we have to be able to feel the effect. What is imagination for? Imagination is important, Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge – it does not mean knowledge is meaningless -. In short, imagination is important and by watching movies that have such a concept we can raise it to a higher level.

See spectacular countries and cities on movie

No doubt, if in a movie scene it often displays fantastic and very beautiful places. So if we watch the movie, we will be fascinated by the beauty. That makes our knowledge wider, maybe we suddenly watch, for example, “The Tourist” then see the city of Venice which is very unique – where most of the transportation uses the water canal road.

Get Benefits from Cinematherapy

By watching movies, we can understand, and see the other side of a problem and reflect it with our current situation. That way we can empathize more with everything in life, expanding our understanding of life itself. Watching movies can make us personal with broad perceptions, so we can be wiser about ourselves and others.

Watching movies is not just about the latest movie updates. However, more than that watching movies can be a means for us to be sane again and recognize ourselves.

Watching movies can be an alternative choice for us in maintaining mental health. Through cinematherapy, we can release pent-up emotions, help identify and learn ourselves. Plus, cinematherapy can also help professionals in conducting therapy for people with certain mental disorders.

The movie is ultimately able to assist us in channeling the emotion that is raging that has not been channeled or even buried for long. Movies that are related to or close to our lives often bring inspiration or add new insights to us.